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American Hero Martial Arts

Welcome to American Hero Martial Arts

Classes for kids (ages 5-12), teens, & adults. 

Personal Development • Life-Skills • Mental Toughness • Fitness • Friendships

Self Defense and Martial Arts 

Mind, Body, Spirit 

Benefits of Martial Arts


       Mind                                  Body                        Spirit

   Memory Retention                 Balance                        Patience


   Confidence                               Coordination              Respect


   Self-Control                              Flexibility                    Integrity       

   Problem Solving                      Muscle Tone               Humility             


   Adaption                                   Endurance                Perseverance


What our customers are saying

Beautiful Clean School.  It's a great family environment for the kids and parents to be in. Love all the Instructors! 

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Where Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Fitness are Developed

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