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American Karate Black Belts and Instructors

We are here to teach how to defend yourself and self control. 

GM William Shelton

Dojo Grand Master

9th Dan Black Belt

Mr. William Shelton’s passion for the martial arts began early in the 70’s. He has trained in Tae Kwon Do, Kung fu, Judo and Japanese karate as well as Kobudo, the Okinawan art of weapons. He has trained many regional, state, national and world champions as well as being a champion himself and still competes when he has the opportunity. Currently he holds an 8th Degree Black Belt in American Taekwondo and holds black belt rank in Genjikai Japan Karatedo under Sensei Makio Nishida, and has been awarded the title of Sheehan in the Dai Ni Goju Ryu from Grand Master Charles Bouton. Mr. Shelton is a High Dan Board member of the American Karate Black Belt Association Chin Sook Hage Kwan founded by the “Father of Texas Blood and Guts Karate” Grand Master Allen Steen. Mr. Shelton has appeared in TV commercials and TV shows such as Walker Texas Ranger and Dallas.

Master Robert A. Wilcox III

5th Dan Black Belt

Robert has been Martial Arts for 14 years.  He received his 1st Dan Black Belt from GM Troy Dorsey in Mansfield, Texas in 2012.  In the summer of 2012 Robert began training at the American Karate Dojo.  In June 2019 he received his 3rd Black Belt.  Robert has competed in several tournaments across the United States.  Robert holds 3 State Championships in multiple organizations across the state. 

Robert Is the Owner of the American Karate Academy.

Robert attends Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX

He is currently EMT and Certified Nutritionist. 

Joshua-Ryan Wilcox 

1st Dan Black Belt

Joshua started his journey with karate with GM Troy Dorsey about 12 years ago.  He earned his Blue Belt with a Black stripe through GM Dorsey.  In 2014 Joshua started his training at the American Karate Academy of Duncanville. Joshua received his Black Belt in July 2019.  Joshua holds to State Championships back to back in the Armature Organization Karate league.  Joshua began instruction with the American Karate Academy in the fall of 2019.  Joshua is one of the co-owners of the American Karate Academy with his brother. 

Daryl Lacey 

1st Dan Black Belt 

Mr. Lacey is one of our Black Belts and is an Assistant Instructor.